Nik Surgical Kit

Benefits of Nik Surgical Kit.

The Nik Implant system is designed to be used by general dental practitioners. With over 20 years of experience, S&S Biomat have developed and innovated our surgical kit and streamlined our procedural steps to provide you with the invaluable advantages of time, simplicity and confidence, giving both you and your patients and overall more superior experience.

Drill Design Description

Drill (the bone) for dental implant placement, which needs external irrigation and used with the maximum speed of 1500 rpm.
The angle of the body of the drill provide a high stability during bone preparation.
The landings, the clearance diameters, the lips, body clearance, chisel edge angle, the web, chisel edge, point angles have been designed to:
During bone preparation, preserve the bone dust
The lips can penetrate the soft tissue (gum) without shredding the gum (it can be use in flapless surgery)
Anti­-clockwise rotation of the drill compresses poor quality bone eliminating the need for osteotomes. Additionally, bone debris is encompassed by the drill, and can be used to measure the depth of drilling

Motor/Hand Driven Adaptors

Adaptor Rod OPILCW

Adaptor Rod OPILCW 3
Adaptor Rod OPILCW 3.4
Adaptor Rod OPILCW 4, 5


Surgical Box