Wedge Dental Implants

The Wedge implant is a commercial name for Blade type implants. A wedge has been used in industries for many years. With a simple osteotomy technique using dental discs, fissure burs, piezo with irrigation, a mesio-distal groove is prepared. The groove will accommodate the entire portion of the rough surface of the blade. The blade is gently tapped, and the long post emerges above the sutured mucosa. The One Piece wedge dental implant is made of Titanium grade 5, and the buccal-lingual dimension at the crest level is 2.5 mm.

The One Piece Wedge dental implant is a good option in replacing upper single root tooth when the bone width is about 3-4 mm. The mesio-distal dimensions are 3.4, 4.0 and 5.0 mm with the length of 8.0, 13.0, 15.0 mm.

The Short One Piece Wedge dental implant has mesio-distal dimensions of 8.0 and 10.0 mm with a length of 4 mm. The implant is buried 1.5 mm below the groove margin.

3 Piece (conventional) Dental Implants

Screw Implant (S): Designed for medium and hard bone quality
After serial drilling, the bone is tapped and the implant screwed inside the prepared bone cavity.
If during drilling bone debris filled more than 2/3 of the flutes, the bone should be tapped 2 times, to remove any cortical stress during implant placement.

Cylinder Implant (C): Designed for poor bone quality
When the pilot drilled used and less than 1/3 of the flutes entrapped bone debris, do not continue with serial drilling.
Immediately insert the cylindrical implant and simultaneously compress the bone. The poor crushed cancellous bone trapped between the threads increasing the primary stability and promoting bone healing.

Dimensions 3.4 4.0 5.0
8.0 *
11.0 *
13.0 *
15.0 *

* = Cylinder Implant Only

​​​​​​​Gingival former/Sealing cap (Teflon):
Type I_IV with the diameters of 5,6,7 and 8mm.

For the one stage surgery, for closure the opening of the convetional implant, gingival former is placed on the base the diameter of abutment placement. But for two stages surgeries, place the gingival former using finger pressure and cut the extra-implant extension with a blade. During 2nd stage of the surgery the sealing cap is removed by No 17 dental probe.

Abutments with conometric design, platform switch and compatible to all designs and sizes of the Nik Dental Implants.
There are not any gaps at micrometer level between the abutment and implant.

With 1.8 degrees will have all the benefits of the conmetric and platform switch system. There is not any anti-rotational system between the abutment and the dental implant. The extra-implant parts are Universal Abutment, Single tooth Abutment, Cylinder Abutment, Angulated Abutment.
The size of the abutments is chosen on the base of diameter of the final crown and not the size of the dental implants.
Different diameters of the abutments can be placed in different width of the conventional dental implants. The diameters of the abutments are 5,6,7 and 8mm.
Gingival heights of 1,2, and 4mm can be chosen on the base of the thickness of the soft tissue.