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Dr Bally …………
I have been wanting to do implants for a long time. One of the draw backs is the that implant courses are very expensive.
I went to the Dental Exhibition in Birmingham where the Dr Nik Implant was introduced to me. I hate difficult things for the sake of it. My philosophy is that if it can be done easily- why not?
The one piece implant appealed to me immensely.Who wants a difficult life? Neither me nor my patient.
Since This implant system is so practitioner and essentially also patient friendly I enlisted to train with them. I was amazed to find it is going to be one to one training. There is nothing that beats the concentration given to you as a trainee here. Dr Nik is friendly and thorough.The day was intense but productive. It was both theory plus practical. When he left, I knew I was given the confidence that I can place implants.
If you are looking for value for money, good outcomes, less stress and good support from the mentor this implant system comes highly recommended.

Dr Michael …..
I had an enjoyable time with Dr nick . I am very happy and thankful . His lecture was incredible with full attention to every detail .He was one the best lecturer i have been in contact with in recent years. Confident but calm and very knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to meet and knowing him. I am in the processing to convince the principle to use Dr nick’s implant, I will let you know about the outcome , I am hoping for a positive response from him .
Please my very very best regard to Dr nick , I am looking forward working with him in a very close future.

Dr ……Sayanvala
After having spoke to colleagues who had been on implant courses, I knew what I was looking for. At The Dental Show at London Excel this year, I spoke with almost all of the dental implant exhibitors and found that Dr Niks one day course which included mentoring, probably offered the best value for money for anyone considering venturing into implant training.
At the One on one Course at my surgery, I was impressed at the presentation. Implants are complicated to me an Dr Nik made it simple to understand with his 1 piece system.
The flap raising on actual sheep jaws left me feeling that indeed Dr Nik was willing to let me have a real hands on experience.
In summary, Dr Niks course is by far the best value implant course on offer in the uk.

Dr Amir……..
This is the most easiest and affordable dental implant system for general dentist, these implants are a combination of technology and biomedicine.
Easy for general dentists and all practitioners to insert and fast for patients to see the result, the patients don’t need to wait several months to get implant crowns anymore and they could have their prosthesis at a day of surgery.
It is a great implant system for both dentists and patients, high quality, well known UK manufacturing, innovative design, easy surgery, fast result, aesthetic and all you expect from a good dental implant.
I have used more than 1000 units of this system for my patients and all my patients were happy after treatment.
I recommend this implant system to all dentists and patients.