Nik Dental Implant Intensive Course

Theory And Non-Clinical performed by Dr Nik (PhD)
Clinical performed by Dr S Mirtorabi (BDS) and Dr K Termeh (BDS).


learning the fundamentals of the basic science related to dental implant treatment and to establish clinical comfort with placement of dental implants.

Part I : Fee of the one day course is £500 (Excluding VAT and travelling expenses).

One day intensive course: (9:00 AM- 5:00 PM)
1. Lecture (4 hours)
2. Hands on training of incisions, flaps and suturing (in the model) (1 hour)
3. Implant placement in the model (one Screw and one Cylinder Implant) (1 hour)
4. Dental implant impression in the model (1/2 hour)

Upon completion of the part I, a Certificate of Basic dental implant course is awarded.

Part II – IV can be overlapped

Part II: Fee of the E-learning is £500 (Excluding VAT).

You also will be able to join our discussion group.



Scientific and didactic content

medical evaluation (including bio-chemical
analysis, microbial analysis, blood analysis,
urine analysis, anti-microbial prescription and pharmacology)

Documentation and record keeping

medico-legal aspects
informed consent
treatment plans
clinical records
communication with other specialists
Patient assessment and
treatment planning
conventional radiographic imaging
interactive CT scans
MRI scans
bone densitometry


Soft tissue management
hard tissue management
bone expansion
ridge expansion
sinus floor lifts
Asepsis theory and practice
training of surgical assistants and dental care professionals
Timescales delayed placement, hard tissue management
soft tissue management
immediate placement, delayed loading
immediate loading


guided bone regeneration
autogenous onlay bone grafts from intra-oral and
extra oral sites
sinus lifts
distraction osteogenesis
Interdisciplinary treatment interfacing with ENT surgery, oral and
maxillofacial surgery,
orthodontics, periodontics, anaesthesia, 1and other disciplines
Restorative phases Provisional restorations
transitional restorations
definitive restoration
Impression techniques open tray
closed tray
impressions at first stage surgery

Fixed restorations

single teeth
short span bridges
full arch restorations
cement retained
screw retained
lateral fixation screw retained
Removable prosthesis ball attachments
balls and clips
precision attachments
telescopic crowns (konus)

Part III:

Under supervision, placing 10 dental implants.
Under supervision, abutment preparation of one patient.

Part IV:

Discussion group will be free as a member of Nik Dental Implant System.

Upon completion of the program, passing the exam and treating 10 patients a certificate of Professional Achievement in dental implantology is awarded by S&S Biomat.

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