S&S Biomat offers an extensive range of one piece dental implants, we are the only manufacturer worldwide to offer one piece screw as well as one piece cylindrical implants. Ours is the only system that includes implants with a range of different gingival heights and abutments. One piece implants of Nik Dental System offer the advantages of simplicity, strength, efficiency and affordability. Using one piece implants in combination with our drills means you will be able to perform flapless surgery and significantly reduce the overall recovery time of your procedures.
One Piece implants have no gap between the abutment and implant and therefore zero leakage, this also makes them stronger because they are not limited by a load bearing screw.

One Piece Immediate Load Cylindrical Wide (OPC) implant

The step in the apical area and the widening in the crystal area increase the primary stability of the implant in poor quality bone.
The angulated abutment reduces the time necessary to change the abutment shape.

Role of Lacunae with a depth of 0.2 mm:
• To promote bone healing
• Increase surface area
• Increase resistance to torque

This type of implant loads immediately after insertion.
Indication: Maxillae

One Piece Immediate Load Screw Wide (OPS) Implants

Indication: Mandible
Immediate loading system
Zero leakage between abutment and implant

The design specifics®:
The major diameter is uniform (3.0, 3.4, 4.0 and 5.0 mm), the thread depth is variable from 0.3 – 0.03 mm.
The helix angle is 60 degrees and the crest width varies from 50 -160 um.

The design provides:
1. A sharp “V” shape thread on the apical area that, with the aid of the apical tap provides a cutting surface which the implant can be placed in bone as an “self tap”.
2. The Acme thread on the coronal area which toward the coronal area the crestal length increases (max. 160 um). This type of translation thread does not have the disadvantages of the square threads (e.g. difficult to cut, cannot be adjusted to compensate for wear) and have the advantages of being somewhat stronger.
3. The thread depth decreases toward the coronal area which provides strong micro threads that bear the maximum torque in the whole length of the body.
4. The body of the thread provide a 2-3 degrees angle (Morse taper, self holding device) where the body is so firmly seated in its socket (prepared bone cavity) that there is considerable frictional resistance to any force tending to turn or rotate the implant to the socket (prepared bone cavity).
5. The gingival height are in two forms, straight and wide gingival height for better aesthetics.

The below figure has a wide gingival height
The sizes of the dental implants are:
Diameter 3.00mm/ length 13, 15mm
Diameter 3.4mm/length 11, 13, 15mm
Diameter 4.0mm/length 11, 13, 15mm
Diameter 5.00mm/ length 8,11,13mm

The OPS implants, the gingival height of the abutment section are available in two lengths: 2 and 4mm.