Dentists Testimonials

Dr Bally …………
I have been wanting to do implants for a long time. One of the draw backs is the that implant courses are very expensive.
I went to the Dental Exhibition in Birmingham where the Dr Nik Implant was introduced to me. I hate difficult things for the sake of it. My philosophy is that if it can be done easily- why not?
The one piece implant appealed to me immensely.Who wants a difficult life? Neither me nor my patient.
Since This implant system is so practitioner and essentially also patient friendly I enlisted to train with them. I was amazed to find it is going to be one to one training. There is nothing that beats the concentration given to you as a trainee here. Dr Nik is friendly and thorough.The day was intense but productive. It was both theory plus practical. When he left, I knew I was given the confidence that I can place implants.
If you are looking for value for money, good outcomes, less stress and good support from the mentor this implant system comes highly recommended.